Things you should know before buying a vinyl (decal) printing wrist rest

Things you should know before buying a vinyl (decal) printing wrist rest

First, Printing Wrist Rest was not created with the intention of creating a cheap, easy-to-manufacture, lazy-creative product. A few years ago we started with the hand paint wrist rest, which is a very unique and popular series of products. However, the color system of hand paint is not as wide as that of print, especially vibrant colors or colors of the Neon group. Therefore, printing is a suitable solution for color matching with many keysets with high accuracy. In addition, there are some painting materials and image formats that cannot be displayed on wood (such as watercolor, oil paint, or pixel art). While printing can reproduce those things well, and provide a value that is easily accessible to the user.

Pixel Art can't hand paint
Pixel Art can't ainted on wood, need to be print


Next is the process of creating a Printing Wrist Rest.

  • Wrist rest cores are made of solid Ash wood, a natural, medium-hard, treated wood that meets high-end modern furniture manufacturing standards. The surface of Wrist Rest is double-layer vinyl heat-press. As for the vinyl part (or decal), there are many types of vinyl with different prices. When it comes to vinyl, you usually think of cheap paper stickers, or vinyl rolls that are commonly sold at furniture stores. We do not use that type of vinyl, here we use a specialized type of vinyl for printing in a high-quality commercial product image advertising system, helping the product to have durability, bright and brilliant colors. . After printing, we continue to treat the printed vinyl surface with a protective layer of vinyl, this is a type of vinyl used for automotive warp, which is durable enough to withstand outdoor weather. And that's only 1/3 of the production process.

  • Phase 2, the stage of pressing vinyl sheets onto Wrist Rest, is normally the same as a sticker - the kind that only requires a heat torch - No, it's not like that at all, Wrist rest is heated in a dedicated drying chamber. and 3D heat pressed onto wood. This ensures that the color of the print is not affected, the image overflows to the edges perfectly, and the product achieves an all-round monolithic finish. Stage 3, begins with applying epoxy/resin coats to the product, then sanding, and continues to repeat several times until the surface of the product has a perfectly smooth, flat surface (you usually see the process. This is in the application of carbon films to products such as vehicles, helmets).  

  • Finally, the final stage - coating, with common products, after applying epoxy/resin, the maker just needs to polish them to finish. We are not like that, to ensure the product has a high durability, limiting light scratches, we apply extra layers of 2-component paint with UV resistance, reaching 3H hardness, layer thickness This paint is 3-5 times thicker than the clear coat of cars, the quality of the paint is good - get VOC emission standards, safe for manufacturers and users. After the coating is completed, the product will be polished by water-based polishing wax, ensuring safety for users and environmental friendliness.

Our difference with other wrist rests is the overflow image and heat transfer during use. With wrist rests that have a thick resin/epoxy layer on the surface, the image of the wrist rest will have a depth effect, which is the advantage of resin wrist rests. For our products, due to the advantage of the image overflowing to the edges around the wrist rest, like flagship smart phones, the image is brought closer to the user's eyes with curved edges, creating a 3d effect. spectacular. Of course, the manufacturing process of this overflow wrist rest is complicated, especially in the process of applying resin/epoxy, we sand it many times to achieve a certain flatness and thickness, just thin enough to emboss the image, just thick enough to protect the print, just a small mistake, the product will not be satisfactory. Next, a good wrist rest will bring comfortable long-term use to the user, besides the ergonomic shape of the wrist rest, the natural wood core of the wrist rest, helps to heat the user's hand. is evenly transmitted to the wood (because we control the thickness of the surface layer, epoxy and coating), good heat transfer rate, helping your wrist not to have much temperature difference compared to the surrounding environment. This makes Wrist Rest usable in both hot and cold seasons.

Some disadvantages of Vinyl Printing Wrist Rest. As with all products, all have pros and cons. If we only talk about product advantages, we will not give the whole picture to users. Vinyl Wrist Rest has some problems as follows: Elasticity problem on the bottom edge, the vinyl part in the bottom corner of the product may be slightly wrinkled, although they do not affect the aesthetics of the wrist rest much, especially in the viewing angle. This happens when the vinyl layers are subjected to heat causing them to expand and then contract in a different position from where they were originally. Vinyl Wrist Rest will not provide a transparent effect on surfaces like thick epoxy wrist rest, objects displayed as flat surface.

Thank you for reading.