Cream Puffs Artisan Raffle

Cream Puffs Artisan Raffle

Made by Pixy Handmade, fulfill by


  • Multi-shots resin.
  • Hand sculpted with clay.
  • Hand cast with resin, hand painted to create realistic look.
  • Use Epoxy Resin as protection layer
  • These artisan keycaps are compatible with MX keyboards.
  • To prevent scratches or any physical damage, please keep this keycap away from sharp, rough objects, heat source
  • Don’t soak it into the water, wet tissue is acceptable
  • Organic and Strawberry cream puffs : $45 per cap, 10 caps / colorway.
  • Chocolate cream puffs : $50 per cap, 5 caps in total.

Sale format:

  • Raffle Style - We will accept your entry for 14 hours.
  • Invoicing will start right after the form has closed, will be sent via paypal.
  • One person one entry.
  • Shipping starts on April / 28th.

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Cream Puffs | Pixy Handmade

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