IC - Aluminum Abasic

IC - Aluminum Abasic

Hello, this is the Interest Check for Aluminum Abasic , designed by Nuxros, pcb by Kiwikey and distributed by Mechkey.store

Renders : https://imgur.com/a/pKjco9Y
Acrylic Abasic : https://mechkey.store/products/abasic-keyboard

Interest check form : https://forms.gle/F3zmv79b3gKEwjY4A

Product Features:

  • Gasket mount , fully support Acrylic Abasic plate and PCB.
  • Two versions : Standard and Premium ( With Brass Weight)
  • Affordable price ($2xx for Standard version, case only).
  • Purchase options : Full kit or Aluminum Case only (For Acrylic Abasic owners to upgrade)
  • Supports RGB diffuser, OLED Lcd and Rotary Encoder.
  • Made in Vietnam

Standard Black :


Standard Red :

RGB Diffuser :




Proposed Premium Design : 


For discussions, join us on our Discord @ Abasic Channel : https://discord.link/mechkey