Announcement on RE65 and Krush 65 PCB

Announcement on RE65 and Krush 65 PCB

As you might know, the production for RE65 and Krush Pcb was not making a good progress after Lunar new year. The delay of PCB components that we ordered from China was the main reason. The border was strictly shutdown periodically due to the no Covid policy from China and that causing a huge packages queue. 

We finally received all the components 2 weeks ago and had sent all the item to the assembling workshop in Da Nang. The workshop was badly under employed due to Covid positive cases, however they managed to work on it overtime and complete the order. 

We'll receive all 149 Pcbs this weekend - March 12th and the packaging and shipping for RE65 and Krush PCB will start in March 14th.

We're sorry for the long delay. Since next round, the RE65 and Krush 65/ Krush 65 pcb will be made in advance before the sale opening. 

Thank you for your support.

You could join us for RE65 discussion in our Discord here.


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