[IC] RE65 Aluminum

[IC] RE65 Aluminum

We're happy to introduce Alu RE65 keyboard kit from Nuxroskb. 

Grey kit with RGB diffuser 

We added many enhancements to the Prototype 1 :

Projected price :

  • Base kit starting at $250

Base kit includes: 

  • Aluminum Case
  • External Brass Weight
  • FR4 Plate
  • PCB Hotswap, poron gasket, bottom feet
  • RGB front bar 

    4 colors :

    • Silver
    • Red
    • Black
    • Grey


    • Height 20,1 mm
    • Length 336,6 mm
    • Width 116,7 mm 
    • Total Weight with inner brass weight
      • Full built(Keycap, switch) + Internal Brass Weight  + External Brass Weight:  2,300 g
      • Only kit (without Internal Brass Weight, keycap, switch): 1600 g
    • 7 degree
    • Gasket Mount
    • Leaf Spring Plate
    • Case compatible with KBD67 PCB
    • PCB Hotswap standard: Compatible QMK/ VIA/....
      PCB compatible with: KBDFans case, KBD67, KBD67 lite, Blade65,...

    Extra :

    • Case only 
    • Plate Alu
    • Plate FR4/POM/Poly 
    • Inner weight  
    • Aluminium front bar 
    • Acrylic wrist rest
    • RE Deskpad 
    • Hotswap PCB

    Expected GB Round 1: 

    Nov 2022 (Because I have changed my designs, GB time will be pushed back from the previously announced date)

    Expected Lead Time: 

    Depends on how many units are sold (We will update this when the GB is closed)

      Sound test (Prototype 1)  
      RE65 Black with lubed BCP | Aluminium Plate 
      RE65 Blood with lubed Holy Panda | Brass Plate 
      RE65 Silver BLE with lubed Zaku | Aluminium Plate 
      RE65 Blood with lubed Holy Panda | Brass Plate
      RE65 Grey with lubed Cream Soda | FR4 Plate