Kimetsu Raffle Sale

Kimetsu Raffle Sale

Zycap team would like to introduce new sculpt, which is called Nifffy . This fantastic beast is known to be gentle and affectionate. Though adorable, these guys can be pretty quick to snack any shiny treasures. In this manga colorway, Nifffy is going to perform in public for the first time. The next time , just wait when Nifffy meets all things shiny.

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Maker : Zy.cap


  • Multi-shots resin.
  • Pricing : 
    • Kimetsu Nifffy  - $75
    • Kimetsu Hogwig  - $75
  • Shipping within 14 days.
  • Hand cast with resin, there's no paint involved.
  • These artisan keycaps are compatible with MX keyboards. 

Also to celebrate new Zy.cap discord here , we'll host a series of GA - Don't forget to join.