Kitsune - International GB

Kitsune - International GB

Kitsune - F13 TKL from Dunne Works

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Group Buy Information

What's Included

  • Aluminum Top and Bottom Case
  • External Brass Weight or Aluminum Weight
  • Aluminum Plate
  • Mechlovin’ Infinity 87.5 PCB (Soldered)
  • Hard Carrying Case & Microfiber cloth
  • Geon Feet
  • Screws: x8 M2.5 and x12 m2


  • Kit Price (USD):
    • Kitsune Aluminum Kit: $400
    • Kitsune Brass Kit: $430
  • Extra Price (USD):
    • Extra External Brass Weight: $80
    • Extra External Aluminum Weight: $60
    • Extra Mechlovin' Infinity PCB: $50 (max 1 additional PCB per GB Order)
    • Extra Aluminum Plate: $50
    • Extra PC Plate: $45


  • Shipping will be dispatched from Vietnam to the US via DHL for approximately $50-60.
  • Shipping invoices will be sent later when the board is ready to ship.

Lead Time

  • Approximately 3-4 Months (Considering leeway for manufacturing delays, transportation to vendor(s), QC, and packing included in this timeline)


  • Mount: Top and Gummy O-Ring
    • Layout: F13 TKL | WKL
    • PCB: Infinity 87.5 variant from Mechlovin'
  • Materials:
    • Top and Bottom Case: Aluminum 6063
    • Weight: Clear Coated Brass or Aluminum 6063
    • Plate: Aluminum 5052 (All plates are color matched to the top and bottom case. Excluding the Silver kit – which comes with a red plate), Polycarbonate | ANSI and ISO support
  • Colors:
    • Top and Bottom Case: Anodized Silver, Burgundy & Black
    • Weight: Clear Coated Brass and Aluminum weight color options (Black, Silver, Gray, Burgundy and Red)
  • Top arrow cluster engraving: Hiragana or no engraving options
  • Heft: 1.6kg (Alu Weight Configuration), 2.1kg (Brass Weight Configuration), 2.48kg built
  • Adjusted Front Height(s) & Typing Angle:

Build Stream from Lighting XI
Typing Tests
Proto 1 - Top Mount
Proto 2 - Top Mount 
ScuffedBoards Typing Test of Proto 2