Monster Universal - Gothic Raffle

Monster Universal - Gothic Raffle

Inspired by the Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities TV series. The new collection is called Monster Universal. The colorway is focused in Gothic culture, that is stereotyped as eerie, mysterious, complex and exotic. The characteristic of a Gothic colorway is consistent with free-thinking and the freedom of expression. 

Product album 

Maker : Zy.cap


  • Multi-shots resin.
  • Pricing : 
    • Gothic Pumskull - $60
    • Gothic Shadow Cat - $60
  • Shipping within 10 days.
  • Hand cast with resin, there's no paint involved.
  • These artisan keycaps are compatible with MX keyboards. 

Also to celebrate new Zy.cap discord here , we'll host a series of GA - Don't forget to join.