Project Update - October 2021

Project Update - October 2021

Hello customers,

With Covid restrictions finally lifted off on October 1st, we're happy to come back full strength to continue our work. We also have more exciting projects in October, the detail update as follow : 

Farm V 2 and Farm 2.4

Farm artisan boxes will be anodized in the first week of October, expecting to have them ready to ship in the second week of October.

No Internet Dino R2

Production is completed, shipping will start in the first week of October.

The Lost Treasure 

Production is completed, shipping will start in the first week of October.

Abasic R2

Production resumed on October 1st, we expect to have the first batch shipped out in the end of October.

We also decided that after R2's fulfillment, Abasic will be restock each month. You could join our discord here for sale schedules. 

Abasic Secret Gold typing test

New Projects 

Viendi 8L

Designed by Viendi Studio - Viendi 8L is a classy 65% keyboard with numpad on the left.

Check it out here and join us on discord for discussion.

GB Open : October - 29th - 9PM GMT+7 

Estimate Date of Delivery : Q2 - 2022

Krush 65

Designed by our  talented nuxros - known for his works on Abasic keyboard kit - Krush 65 is a mid-end 65% custom board with various exciting features.


Check it out here and join us on discord for discussion.

Zy.cap x Gmk Purple-ish

This is a collaboration between Zy.cap and gmk Purple-ish. This cap will be run as a fulfillment sale in October. We'll have more detail updates when it happen.

Gmk Purple-ish collab