Project Updates - August 2021

Project Updates - August 2021

Hello customers,

Unfortunately Vietnam is now facing the the most severe of Covid, and Hochiminh City now lies at the central of the infection.

Since July 8, all non-essential businesses and services are banned, while public transport including buses and taxis are suspended. The gathering of more than two people is banned and people are required to stay home unless for food, medicine, or emergencies.

Since July 26, authorities have banned people from going outdoors at night from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am from July 26. All activities will be suspended except for emergencies and pandemic-related operations.

More detail about Vietnam Covid restrictions could be found here.

The city's situation impact largely on our projects, detail updates as follow : 

Farm V2

All CNC are complete, anodizing is not started due to city lock down and all workshop are ordered to closed.

Production will be resumed once the restrictions are lifted.


No Internet Dino R2

We still able to work on the casting because our artist lives in his workshop. The resources was limited due to shipping ban, however we still manage to meet the production deadline. 

Casting completed, polishing in progress.


The Lost Treasure 

Dasorevie also lives on his workshop, so the production still in progress. However the resource was also limited due to the shipping ban and his workshop is currently in a quarantine zone , which means no one allowed to go out of the area. Shipping was not possible until the restrictions are lifted.


Abasic R2

Nuxros's and the cnc workshop are closed as all non-essential businesses and services are banned. 

Current status : 

  • Acrylic production is at 50% progress. When able to work again, need up to 40 days to complete.
  • PCB production is at 40% progress, workshop ordered to close. Need 20 days to work when restrictions are lifted.
  • Fr4 plate is done, Poly and aluminum plates was not started. 

Production will be resumed when restrictions are lifted.


Final picture is taken outside of dasorevie's workshop when he takes the covid test : 


On behalf of the team, thank you for all your patience and support!