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Abasic Keyboard Kit

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In the first collaboration between NuxrosKiwiKey and, we're happy to introduce the most affordable Alice - Abasic keyboard kit.

A standard kit ($175) includes

  • Abasic Alice acrylic [Gasket mount] case - Designed by Nuxros
  • Wanderland - Alice layout pcb, designed by KiwiKey
    • RGB LEDs Under glow
    • Single-color LEDs Backlight
    • USB Type-C 
    • QMK Compatible 100%
    • Easy keymapping with VIA
    • Compatible with well-known TGR Alice
  • Stabilizer Cherry Screw-in.
  • Aluminum /FR4 / Poly plate.


  • Brass weight (+ $25).

Shipping at the first week of June - 2021.

Sound test from The Dredgen Project :

Sound Test : 

Build stream from Sean Dunne :