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Angry Miao

AM AFA R2 - Adjustable Flex Alice

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$800.00 USD
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$800.00 USD

Base Kit includes

  • Keyboard body (aluminum)
  • POM plate *2
  • PCB *3 (hotswap PCB *2 and USB PCB)
  • Leaf spring accessory kit
  • Screwdriver accessory kit
  • Carrying box
  • Storage bag

Bundle includes

  • Glacier Dark keycap set (68 keycaps)
  • Icy Silver switches *68
  • Ink Black stabilizers *5
  • Stabilizer pads *10


  • Keyboard inclination angle: 6.5°
  • Tenting angle: 5.0°
  • CMF: aluminum body with stainless steel front panel
  • Mounting method: Adjustable Leaf-Spring Mount (three-stage adjustable flex, 18 typing combos)
  • Plate: POM plate
  • LEDs: PCB lighting, in-switch RGB LEDs
  • PCB: 1.2mm 4-layer hotswap PCB with cutouts, with left and right side separated, PCB lighting and in-switch LEDs configurable via Angry Miao DIY site
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.1 / wired (USB Type-C, supports C to C)
  • Dimensions: 445.7*156.5*56.5mm (front height: 22.5-36mm)
  • Weight: Base Kit 2.00kg, Bundle 2.25kg
  • Battery: lithium polymer 5000mAh *2, 10000mAh, supports wireless charging

DIY RGB lighting

In addition to the default built-in lighting effects, you can create your own unique and exclusive RGB effects. AM AFA supports custom in-switch and center LED lighting that you can edit according to your own preferences.

Dual-mode Bluetooth/wired connectivity

Often used in the mobile phone industry, AFA has laser-engraved antenna placed directly under the glass center cover for minimal interference. This to ensure a fast and stable wireless connection experience.

Free Hover wrist rest included

Due to AFA's unique shape, it's relatively high on the front. Therefore, AFA R2 comes with a pair of Hover memory foam magnetic levitation wrist rests, just like AFA R1. These perfectly match the front height of AFA and allow you to move your wrists flexibly.