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Assembling Service

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$63.00 USD
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$63.00 USD
Switch Types

We're happy to have Finger Tips Workshop join us as the assembling service provider. If you bought any board or any pcb - plate combo from us and want to get all the assembling  done by an expert , then this is your service.

You could choose between our two switch types - one linear and one tactile. Or if you prefer to buy your switches somewhere and shipped to us then please select the "I'll supply the switch" option. 

If you have a hotswap PCB then Switch Tunning service is recommended.

Switch Tunning Service includes (for each switch) : 

  • Lube - 205g0
  • Film - Deskey
  • Custom Spring : 63.5g, 65g (default), 68g - Note your choice in the order note. 

Full Keyboard Tunning Service includes

  • Switch Tunning Service for each switch.
  • Assembling : Soldering
  • Stab Tunning : Cherry clip-in, we'll supply the stab. 

Switch Type

We'll supply the number of switch base on your PCB.

  • Linear : Cherry Black HyperGlide - the best bang for buck of any linear. With a custom spring and fully lubed and stickered , this is a killer at the budget price.
  • Tactile : Boba U4T - If you need a strong bump and great sound , this is your choice. A bit expensive than Cherry Black but provides the best felling at full tunning. 


We need up to two weeks from the day we receive all items (pcb , plate and switches) to complete your assembling order. Your board will be shipped out when we finish the service and ready to use out of the box.

Keyboard/Pcb Order Number

We need to know what is the original Keyboard / PCB order that you want to use the Assembling Service. Please note the Order Number that you want to get assemb in  the order note.