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Angry Miao

Cyberboard R2 Le Smoking

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$775.00 USD
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$775.00 USD
  • Bao gồm 2 màu : Jet Black và Psychedelic
  • Cấu hình : Base Kit (retail $670) và Bundle ($826).
  • Ship trong tháng 8 , trả hàng từ đầu tháng 9.
  • Giá nhập khẩu tại VN : 18.500.000 đ

 Inspired by Le Smoking 

Inspired by Le Smoking, the iconic women's suit redesigned by Hedi Slimane, during his career at Yves Saint Laurent Paris.

It brings us back to 2013, at a psychedelic underground live band show...

Le Smoking, originally symbolizing the independence of women, with its metal chain and Chelsea boots, also gained popularity among men. The cool all-black design, with its contrast between matte and glossy materials, presents abundant texture and details. Tailored for a slim fit, it showcases a rebellious rock and roll spirit. 

When Hedi Slimane designed a glittery runway version for Daft Punk, with scaly black sequins and matte lapels, a unique contrast of retro and future was created.

The Angry Miao team became obsessed with this style and went through great lengths  to recreate the same unique aesthetic with hard metal.

All-in-one body, sophisticated PVD craftsmanship and a unique contrast between matte and shiny

After high-precision CNC machining, the aluminum ingot will then go through numbers of processes, including a hand polish process made by experienced craftsmen. As a result, we achieve a bright and brilliant PVD mirror polishing effect. What's more intriguing is that the side part of CYBERBOARD R2 has a textured matte finish, which contrasts with the mirror-like finish on the front and the two form a characteristic balance.

Gasket Mount  

Gasket Mount with Improved Sound and Feel

 Makes typing a duet between you and your keyboard. 

Meanwhile, the plate has been upgraded on several aspects. By hollowing out the leaf spring structure, resonance was reduced allowing for a purer sound and more elastic feeling. This is also Angry Miao's first keyboard that has a hollow-carved plate.

Le Smoking allows you to choose between four different plate materials, including Black Aluminum Plate (default), Brushed Brass, Golden Black FR-4 and 1.5mm Translucent PC, providing multiple choices for OGs.

More Lighting Fun with the Upgraded LED Matrix


More DIY lighting effect slots and key lights are available now, giving you more room to show your creativity with your CYBERBOARD. The upgraded RGB hardware and 256-level DC dimming bring a higher refresh rate and stronger color reproduction.

 What's more, the newly-added multimedia key and multi-layered design can help you customize your keyboard layout better. 

Seamless Bluetooth Switching

 Using a physical dual-mode switch is not necessary anymore. Simply unplug the cable and the keyboard will switch to Bluetooth mode automatically.

 Two Brand-New Colors to Choose From

 Jet Black, Psychedelic, with its unique shiny/matte contrast. 

 Immerse yourself in our mysterious and psychedelic cyber world.