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Angry Miao

Cyberboard Terminal

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$690.00 USD
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$690.00 USD

Base Kit

  • Keyboard case (Dark Polycarbonate)
  • Plate (standard version PC)
  • PCB*3 (keyboard PCB, USB PCB, LED PCB)
  • Carrying Box
  • Toolkit
  • User manual
  • Counterweight (stainless steel)


  • Same as Base Kit
  • KIWI Stabs*4 (built-in, 2U*3, 6.25U*1)
  • KIWI Mechanical Switches*81
  • Angry Miao Glacier Keycap Set


     Streamer Description Link
    Angry Miao Typing clip link
    BadSeed Tech Impression link
    Long Tran Build Stream link
    Long Tran Typing test link


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    This product only available in Vietnam as an agreement between AM and Cyberboard and other AM products could not be shipped internationally.