Display Stand

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Provide a good way to protect your :
- Mechanical Keyboard. 
- Wrist Rest collection
- Game Controllers. 
- Cellphone, E-book, Tablet., headphone.. 

Stylish and compact design, great decoration for working area. 
Ideal for word place station or personal use. 
Suitable for horizontal or vertical use. 


Stand is designed with good stability, with anti slip on the bottom, helping your keyboard be safe.

All the exposed parts of the stand have rubber feet, which prevent scratching the surface of your keyboard.

Smart design, you can disassemble, fold neatly when not in use. Combining a single stand and a double stand, you have a stand with different heights, allowing you to see two keyboards at the same time.

The product has 3 main colors, with minimalistic design and finishing method. All stands are covered with protective layers to prevent moisture, mold ...

Particularly for the matte black version, we brushed the wood grain, creating a very nice 3d effect, looking like a coal pellet.

Specification : 
Material : condition wood surface.
Single : one level only.  
Double : 2 level keyboard stand