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EMK Aluminum Sofle Kit

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The world of ergonomic keyboards is wonderful and full of great designs. However, we sometimes want our keyboards to look more professional, to be more durable, to be both functional and beautiful. The EMK case is born from such desire.

Unibody design

Every EMK case is milled from a single piece of aluminum; therefore, EMK cases are light and durable, providing protection for your keyboard when travelling while not sacrificing portability.

Five degree typing angle

The world of traditional keyboard has taught us that typing at an angle is more comfortable than typing on a flat keyboard. The 5-degree angle of the case not only helps with your typing but also provide a huge space inside for battery if you decide wireless is what you want.

Interchangeable back plates

Some of us want our keyboards to be light, some prefer them heavy, some want them shine, while others don’t. Every need can be easily satisfied by changing the back plates: aluminum, brass, stainless steel, acrylic, etc.

Flexible tenting holes

There are four M5 sized tenting holes on each side so you can use to adjust the tenting angle to your liking. The tenting legs are standard M5 bolts so you can easily customize the length for even steeper tenting angle.

Colors selection

For the first run, the cases will have 2 well known colors: Black and Silver.


For the first run, there are only 30 cases are made, they are distributed by the following vendors:

  • Mechkey: - Main distributor of the case. The items will be dispatched faster (In case you don’t need the kit or the keyboard to be built, otherwise please allow lead time of 1 week for kit and 3 weeks for fully built). Quantity: 5 Silver, 15 Black

  • Ergomech Store : If you want to buy it with other ergo keyboards. Quantity: 5 Silver, 5 Black

Note 2: In case your PCBs cannot fit in the case, you might have to file down the 2 lower conners of the PCBs (the ones near you palm when typing, 1-2mm is enough, and it should be easy)