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Epsom Leather Wrist Rest

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Wrist rest is handcrafted by experienced leathermakers.

Like other wrist rest products, the core of the wrist rest is made of solid ash wood. This is a good standard wood in the production of modern furniture.

In particular, the surface of the Wrist rest is made of Epsom cowhide. Epsom cowhide is a type of leather of good quality, often used in the production of high-end fashion, wallets, bags, and watch bands. Epsom cowhide is durable, resistant to weather and sweat. Relatively easy to maintain and clean.

The advantage of Epsom cowhide is that the surface of the leather is embossed, forming air vents. Helps your wrist not to heat up much during use. With these air vents, the problem of sweaty hands is also significantly improved. Suitable for all weather, all seasons, with or without air conditioning.

If the solid wood is too hard, and the foam is too soft. Then the Epsom cowhide palm rest is a great combination. With a thickness of 2mm cowhide, you feel the softness on the surface, but still keep the palm rest shape due to the wooden core. Because there is no foam lining between cowhide and wood. So if you are used to the foam-lined wrist rest, you will find it a bit stiff.

Wrist rest is carefully crafted, cowhide is pressed down to the sides of the wrist rest, providing a seamless finish with sporty lines. Underneath the wrist rest is equipped with anti-slip feet specifically designed for the palm rest, ensuring certainty, not moving the wrist rest during use.


  • Layout 60%: ~29.5cm (+3mm)
  • Layout 68&75%: ~32cm (+3mm)
  • Layout: TKL: ~36cm (+3mm)

Dimension: WxDxH: Layout x 9.4cm x 2cm.