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Angry Miao

Dark Glacier Keycap Set 99 Pcs

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$125.00 USD

Back to the Ice Age
The Angry Miao Glacier Keycap, independently developed molds take the quality of transparent keycaps to another level.

Glacier Road to Superiority
To achieve a purer and brighter texture, we used the push-plate method to develop the mold. This customized solution combines the advantages of both types of molding methods: active and passive force
ejection. This allows us to eliminate thimble marks (visible when using ordinary molds) and also improves the finishing of the clean texture.

Icing on the cake
If using a completely transparent keycap, it might be difficult to recognize the specific key position. And it is also difficult to print legends on a high-gloss surface. With the efforts of the team, we have
achieved both high-precision legend printing and the gloss of the keycaps. The bright green characters not only ensure the typing experience but also further bring out the beauty of the glacier.

Supports Various Layouts
We have set up different kits to provide diversified choices. Glacier Keycap Set has 99 keys in the base kit, and are as backward compatible as possible on the basis of 80% keyboard layout.