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Lost Treasure Wrist Rest Series

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$85.00 USD


Lost Treasure Wrist Rest is composed of 2 parts: Keycaps Tray (box) and the rest of Wrist Rest (Wooden)

With Standard Version: Keycaps Tray (Box) is Wooden box (Monolithic with wrist rest)
With Premium Version: Keycaps Tray (Box) is Alumnium box (Adhesive to the rest of the wrist rest with 2-component adhesive)

The illustration may not show the correct Keycap box of the versions, due to too many variants.


Treasure wrist rest series could hold up to 12 artisans and also provides a perfect surface for typing, especially with high profile keycap. 

Comes with acrylic cover, magnet adsorption and soft leather on bottom and top side to protect your keyboard.

    Dimensions :

    • For 60% keyboard : 30cm
    • For 68-75% keyboard : 32 cm
    • For TKL keyboard : 36 cm
    • The width is 9cm - 3.5 inches
    • Height is 2cm with rubber feet

    Shipping in Mid Feb 2022