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The Adventure of No Internet Dino - Fulfillment Sale

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Wrist rest Size

Update: We hit the target number for No Internet Dino way early than the 24hrs sale period, all thanks to your overwhelming support. I'm wrapping up the sale now and progress updates will be posted in #zy-cap channel in discord.

Thank you for your support to the team.


Dino lost his internet!

He then embark on a quest to bring it back and went through some of the big guys fighting. However he doesn't mind their business.

Be like Dino.

Sale format : 

  • This is a fulfilment sale, all successful orders are made.
  • We'll receive orders in 24 HOURS  and we may close sooner if the number of order surpass our capacity.
  • The shipping starts on 07-July 2021
  • Shipping world wide via DHL or USPS proxy service.

Artisan Specification: 

  • Multi-shots resin.
  • Hand cast with resin, there's no paint involved.
  • These artisan keycaps are compatible with MX keyboards.  

Maker : Zy.cap

Wrist rest Specification: 

  • Top quality metal shines decal.
  • Clear coated to protect the wrist rest from sweat.
  • 4 sides covered (without front wrap mark)..
  • New bottom and feet , specifically designed for wrist rest.

Wrist rest dimensions :

  • For 60% keyboard : 29.5 cm
  • For 68-75% keyboard : 32 cm
  • For TKL keyboard : 36 cm
  • The width is 9cm - 3.5 inches
  • Height is 2cm with rubber feet

Please join our discord for fulfillment and further sales updates.