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Samurai Wristrest v1.2

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$45.00 USD

Note before ordering: Currently, the geographical location of our warehouse is at the time of many storms. Therefore, the delivery time after placing an order can take from 5-7 days. We will try to process orders when the weather is safe for workers and goods.

Created by our talented artist - dasorevie , these Samurai themed wooden wrist-rests were carefully processed with high quality decal on top. And then the whole item was clear coated with resin to add protection from hand sweat.

Also the hand wrist could match your keycap set perfectly and provides a perfect surface for typing, especially with high profile keycap. It will bring a whole new level to enjoy your favorite setup.

Note: If you find marker marks on the corners, edges and bottom of the product, that's normal during our QC process.

This is a handmade product, so it is inevitably that there will be some small problems such as wrinkles, a few spots. But if more than 3 spot, please let us know. Thank you.

v1.2 Includes :

  • Top quality metal shines decal.
  • 4 sides covered (without front wrap mark)..
  • New bottom and feet , specifically designed for wrist rest.
  • More pictures here :

Dimensions :

  • For 60% keyboard : 29.5cm
  • For 68-75% keyboard : 32 cm
  • For TKL keyboard : 36 cm
  • The width is 9cm - 3.5 inches
  • Height is 2cm with rubber feet