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Treasure 12 Wrist Rest Series

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$85.00 USD
Artisan Tray

Here comes the new Treasure 12 wrist rest that could hold up to 12 artisans and also provides a perfect surface for typing, especially with high profile keycap. 

Comes in two versions with 7 different colors:

  • Aluminium Tray
  • Wooden Tray

Both come with acrylic cover, magnet adsorption and soft leather on the bottom and top side to protect your keyboard. For each wrist rest, we also provide bump-on feet for the keyboard to fit the height.

    Dimensions :

    • For 60% keyboard : 29.5cm
    • For 68-75% keyboard : 32 cm
    • For TKL keyboard : 36 cm
    • The width is randomly 9 and 9.5cm (Please contact us if you need to the check dimensions)
    • Height is 2.3cm

    Dark Green

    Ombre Green 

     Night Sky

    Mono Stone

    Old Patina