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Viendi 8L Keyboard Kit

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* Images are real products, not renders. 

Designed by Viendi Studio - Keyboard enthusiasts who works in the architectural field and have to use the numpad a lot. Releasing the mouse to use a right-sided numpad is inconvenient and inefficient, they introduce Viendi 8L  - a 65% keyboard with numpad on the left. 

This keyboard is not only for left handed people. The left numpad lets you use the numpad and a right-sided mouse at the same time. It also frees up more space for your mouse. The knob on the left side also let you scroll the screen, adjust volumes or switching between applications without leaving your mouse.

GB Date :

Session 1 : October 29th - 9PM - GMT + 7
Session 2: October 31st - 9AM - GMT + 7

Estimate Date of Delivery : Q2 - 2022


  • Case size: W390mm x H116mm, front height: 18mm, made of CNC 6061 aluminum and high quality brass. 6° tilt angle.
  • Sandwich mount.
  • Exposed brass plate surface treated to prevent tarnishing and oxidizing.
  • PCB and Rotary Encoder can be fully programmable by QMK via VIA Configurator.
  • Soldering PCB only (must solder switches).
  • Power: USB Type C port.

Each colorway includes : 

  • MIST 
    • Silver Aluminum Case
    • 1x Gold Brass Plate
    • 1x Gold Stainless Steel Knob
    • Plus all basic items below
    • Dark Gray Aluminum Case
    • 1x Gold Brass Plate
    • 1x Gold Stainless Steel Knob
    • Plus all basic items below
  • NERO
    • Black Aluminum Case
    • 1x Black Nickel Brass Plate
    • 1x Black Nickel Stainless Steel Knob
    • Plus all basic items below
  • Basic items :
    • Brass Viendi Emblem, Soldering PCB.
    • 1x Unsoldered Tactile Encoder – EC11.
    • 1x PCB-Plate foam 
    • 1x PCB-Bottom foam
    • 3M silicone bumpons, screws.

* Not Included: keycaps, switches, cables, extra knobs, extra PCBs
(limited qty of these items will be available to purchase as add-ons).

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