[KeebTyping]  Abasic v1 - Extra Raffle

[KeebTyping] Abasic v1 - Extra Raffle

This is Raffle sale for the extra of Abasic v1 keyboard kit.
If you win , you will receive an email from support@mechkey.store with a link to checkout your items.
We'll notify in discord once all invoices are out, please make sure to check in Promotion / Spam box for invoices.

Product album : https://imgur.com/a/4FNEgCi
Wrist rest Album : https://imgur.com/a/Jp42GEq
Abasic V1 Group buy and build streams : https://mechkey.store/products/abasic-keyboard-kit

Sound test from The Dredgen Project

Sales format :

  •  Raffle style, one person one entry..
  •  Quantity : 25 Units , Blood, Pearl, Purple, Neon colors
  • You'll win maximum 1 kit per person/household.
  • Format : 24hrs Raffle Sales
  • Shipping within 5 days after raffle completed.
NOTE: If you choose Poly/Fr4 plate upgrade, we'll need 2 weeks to make them and will be shipped out with your order.

Pricing :
  • A standard kit ($215) includes :
  • Abasic Alice acrylic [Gasket mount] case - Designed by Nuxros
  • OLED LCD screen
  • Cherry snap in stab
  • Aluminum plate
  • Wanderland - Alice layout pcb, designed by KiwiKey
PCB features :
  • RGB LEDs Under glow
  • Single-color LEDs Backlight
  • USB Type-C
  • QMK Compatible 100%
  • Easy keymapping with VIA
  • Support OLED screen with custom animation.

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External form : https://forms.gle/f3Jj2rYtsfiQXsrw9